[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v4 1/2] Add ubnt_hsr platform flag and enable for UniFi Outdoor Plus

Tim ODriscoll tim.odriscoll at lambrookschool.co.uk
Tue Dec 15 09:54:39 EST 2015

Hi Stefan,

On Mon, 14 Dec 2015, Stefan Rompf wrote:
> try flashing the chaos calmer factory image with TFTP
> (openwrt-15.05-ar71xx-generic-ubnt-unifi-outdoor-plus-squashfs-factory.bin)

I thought I'd tried all the relevant images I could, but I clearly  
forgot about that one because I've just successfully TFTP'd it onto  
the Outdoor+ and I've now got it into failsafe mode. Thank you very  
much for that! It's still useless until I can apply your patch though.

> Well on one hand I'd be interested because the access point I had is mounted
> onsite now and therefore not available for hacking anymore.

I'd be happy to donate my Outdoor+ to you for the benefit of getting  
your modifications applied to the next stable release. Would it be  
possible for you to send me a copy of the final firmware you used to  
get the Outdoor+ working? I could use that on my other Outdoor+ then..

> On the other hand, I got the impression that mine and Kyrills  
> patches were not too welcome,
> so I'm a bit hesitant to invest more time.

I'm new to OpenWRT and can't speak for everyone, but from my point of  
view people like you are key to getting things moving forward and  
OpenWRT compatible with more devices. There are very few people like  
you who can successfully reverse-engineer what someone else (Ubiquity)  
has done and then re-create it and apply it to a third party system.

Many thanks,

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