[OpenWrt-Devel] NCM Hotplug

Thomas Baag thomas at b2ag.de
Fri Dec 11 10:35:46 EST 2015

Hi There,

I just tried Chaos Calmer with Huawei E3131-s6 in NCM mode and discovered that 
hotplug is broken. I traced the problem to a file
(hotplug.d/iface/00_wwan.sh) containing a line which reads
config_get device "$cfg" device
$device does not have the proper content from /etc/config/network, which should 
be "/dev/cdc-wdm0", but is set (through /var/state/network) to "wwan0". 
Somehow this breaks everything.

I "fixed" it by adding 
[ "$( uci get network.$cfg.device )" = "/dev/$DEVNAME" ]
This is not a proper fix, I guess. It would be better to not get the device 
overwritten in the first place.

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