[OpenWrt-Devel] Just open-sourced our OpenWrt Router test framework

Michael Anderson mbanderson at uwalumni.com
Tue Aug 25 18:43:13 EDT 2015


The lawyers of company I work for, Qualcomm, finally agreed to let me post
our project to github:


Long story short, our team needed an automated way to flash/sysupgrade new
daily builds of openwrt-based software onto various devices, run tests, and
report results.  We needed to use it with continuous integration software
like Jenkins so that we could test new code changes to router software
before they are merged.

So, we started this project two years ago, it's grown quite a bit, and it's
been fantastic at catching kernel panics, memory leaks, networking
problems, and more.  We run it on dozens of different boards every day.
It's all written in Python, including the tests.  There's more details at
the above link.

I also included a document on how to setup a single router test station
<https://github.com/qca/boardfarm/blob/master/docs/BOARD_FARM.md>. That's
just an example using inexpensive computers, but any linux computers will

Anyway, just wanted to let people know this exists in case there's some
interest.  We continue to work on this and improve this.  We actually have
server racks filled with many devices for running these tests.

Michael Anderson, Ph.D.
Snr Engineer
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