[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH V2] Fix for mvebu (WRT1900AC/WRT1200AC/etc) boot counter

Rob Mosher nyt-openwrt at countercultured.net
Tue Aug 18 21:10:22 EDT 2015

Good point.  It looks like Linksys actually just did the same thing as 
well in their firmware.  Anyway, this patch is just to fix the boot 
counter, I'll submit another to leave auto recovery on.

On 8/18/2015 9:00 PM, Claudio Leite wrote:
> * Rob Mosher (nyt-openwrt at countercultured.net) wrote:
>> Auto recovery is enabled when flashing, so if it goes wrong, you can get
>> back to your previous image.  Otherwise, I don't think there's a need for it
>> as all it does is switch which kernel/root partitions are booted which
>> shouldn't ever change unless flashing (famous last words?).
> The use case for leaving it on is for somebody without serial console
> access who tries something slightly risky and breaks the active image.
> Say, an image that gets far enough to get to mtd resetbc and set
> auto_recovery to off, but not actually work (no network, etc.) There are
> also enough cases of people messing up their active images on the
> WRT1900AC forum thread, one way or another.
> If auto_recovery were kept on, they could then use that trick posted
> in the wiki ("Stock Firmware Recovery") to manually trigger the
> auto recovery to flip back to the other image. (that of course assumes
> the other firmware works, but again, this isn't a great recovery
> mechanism...)
> I tested a build with this patch but auto_recovery kept to "on" and it
> works as expected after many reboots. I also manually triggered the
> auto_recovery flip, which also worked as expected. So, it seems like it
> doesn't really cost anything to keep it on (not yet, at least) while
> providing a fringe benefit.
> -Claudio
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