[OpenWrt-Devel] Recommended settings ip6 DNS server / dnsmasq

Jean-Michel Pouré - GOOZE jmpoure at gooze.eu
Mon Aug 17 16:39:27 EDT 2015

> Okay, I got it, it works using 8 digits:00000008

I am still having difficulties setting IPv6 gateway using DHCP only.

If using SLAAC, routes will propagate very well, but I end-up with
several IPv6. I don't want any derived IPv6 from MAC.

The client IP is 2a01:e35:87d8:xxxx::yyyy:yyyy.

The correct route is:
/sbin/route -A inet6 |grep -w "eth0"
2a01:e35:87d8:xxxx::yyyy:yyyy/128 ::                         U    256 0
     0 eth0
2a01:e35:87d8:xxxx::/64        ::                         U    100 0   
  0 eth0
fe80::/64                      ::                         U    256 0   
  3 eth0
::/0                           fe80::ea94:f6ff:xxxx:xxxx  UG   100 3   
  0 eth0
ff00::/8                       ::                         U    256 3   
  0 eth0

fe80::ea94:f6ff:xxxx:xxxx is the local OpenWRT gateway.

DNSMASQ does not know how to set this kind of route using DHCP only.

An alternative would be to use SLAAC for routes only, not to propagate
IPv6 addresses derived from MAC.

Any idea? Does dnsmasq know how to propagate routes using DHCP only?
This would be nice NOT to rely on SLAAC.

I will write a howto with these information, don't worry, just guide

Kind regards,
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