[OpenWrt-Devel] i get no image for TL-WA7510

Sławomir Demeszko s.demeszko at wireless-instruments.com
Thu Aug 13 04:42:17 EDT 2015

W dniu 12.08.2015 o 21:29, smilebef at gmail.com pisze:
 > I miss not only the TL-WA7510 image. I missing also several images
 > for other 4MB Flash-Router.
 > Is there a Funktion in Openwrt which build images only if the image-size
 > not excite the flash-size?

I found there is. I was also wonder for half day why image for my board was not created.
I think there should be at least a warning and option to bypass this check it would be 
helpful to estimate how many bytes we need to reclaim to fit.
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