[OpenWrt-Devel] Release of RegMon - a fast in-kernel phy/mac dmonitoring tool for QCA/Atheros WiFi cards

Thomas Hühn Thomas.Huehn at dai-labor.de
Mon Aug 3 19:00:32 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Today I’ve released my WiFi register monitoring tool RegMon on GitHub: https://github.com/thuehn/RegMon

RegMon consists of Atheros driver patches to monitor arbitrary registers under ath9k, ath5k and madwifi from user space with high sampling rates (up to ~20kHz). My common research use case is the fine-grained monitoring and analysis of all busy states (tx, rx, energy detection & idle), TSF and noise floor of the mac/phy layer from an Atheros WiFi card. But it can be used to sample any available register (like NAV, error registers, ect.).
There are also a bunch of scripts in the repo to set-up a wireless experiment, collect RegMon traces, parse, merge and plot them with R.

Feel free to use and change RegMon for your own purpose. As RegMon is still work in progress I am happy to receive and include your feedback and ideas.

Greetings from Berlin

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