[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt documentation initiative

Eric Schultz eschultz at prplfoundation.org
Thu Apr 30 15:05:45 EDT 2015

[crossposted with openwrt-users]

After talking with core OpenWrt members, like Felix Feitkau and Imre Kaloz, I've decided to organize an initiative to improve OpenWrt documentation. I think we all agree this is one area in which OpenWrt is lacking. My goal is organize and create documentation to recognize and help show off the amazing work of the OpenWrt core team. By clarifying how OpenWrt can be used and highlighting it's amazing features, I think we can convince more router manufacturers to use OpenWrt. At the same time, we can build the OpenWrt community particularly with folks who aren't yet ready to contribute code. 

I've started a discussion thread on the OpenWrt forum [1]. Please share your thoughts on what improvements you'd like to see made to the OpenWrt documentation. By working collaboratively, I think we can create documentation up to the standards of the great work the core team is doing.

Thanks and I look forward to work with everyone,


[1]: https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=274626
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