[OpenWrt-Devel] AR8334 switch support

Christian Mehlis christian at m3hlis.de
Tue Apr 21 07:51:49 EDT 2015

I was involved in making upstream support for the compex wpj344 and came 
across the AR8334 embedded switch used on this board.

Unfortunately it seems that this switch is not jet supported by the
ar8327/ar8216 driver in openwrt.

The vendor just did this to their openwrt based sdk:

--- a/target/linux/generic/files/drivers/net/phy/ar8327.c
+++ b/target/linux/generic/files/drivers/net/phy/ar8327.c
@@ -508,8 +508,10 @@ ar8327_hw_config_pdata(struct ar8xxx_priv *priv,
  	data->port6_status = ar8327_get_port_init_status(&pdata->port6_cfg);

  	t = ar8327_get_pad_cfg(pdata->pad0_cfg);
+#if 0
  	if (chip_is_ar8337(priv))
  		t |= AR8337_PAD_MAC06_EXCHANGE_EN;

  	ar8xxx_write(priv, AR8327_REG_PAD0_MODE, t);
  	t = ar8327_get_pad_cfg(pdata->pad5_cfg);

I tied to find a more generic solution but it seems that my ar8334 is 
identifying itself as "Atheros AR8337 rev. 2 switch". The identification 
read from the device is ver:0x13 rev:0x02.

If you have more information on that chip or some source code, feel free 
to reply (or send me a mail).

The board support went upstream in the mean time:


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