[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt release name

Ufo ufo at rund.freifunk.net
Wed Apr 15 13:19:01 EDT 2015

i also love two more names:

* drivers delight
* dozen daiquiri

the first one is without alcohol :-/
but there are at least some openwrt-users who are under-age!

the second one would be nice to scare barkeepers, but its a COMMON
cocktail! it really means: please, 12 drinks...

especially within our mesh-communities using openwrt often some people
coming together, so there is no need to order only one cocktail in an
unescorted way :-)

Am 06.04.15 um 22:15 schrieb bkil:

> It's subject to the approval of the core developers, but other people
> could find some of the following drinks worthwhile:
> Day Dreaming
> Desert Daisy
> Diabetic Delight
> Dolly Daydream
> Drunk Driver
> Dusky Decadence
> ...
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