[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 1/2] bug #19345 netifd: radio0: sh: bad number / mac80211

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at iki.fi
Sat Apr 11 06:41:33 EDT 2015

Two errors "netifd: radio0: sh: bad number" have recently surfaced in system 
log in trunk when wifi interfaces come up. I tracked the errors to checking 
numerical values of some config options without ensuring that the option has 
any value.

The errors I see have apparently been introduced by r45051 (ieee80211r in 
hostapd) and r45326 (start_disabled in mac80211). My patches fix two 
instances of "bad number", but there may be a third one, as the original 
report in bug 19345 pre-dates r45326 and already has two "bad number" errors 
for radio0.


Signed-off-by: Hannu Nyman <hannu.nyman at iki.fi>

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Index: package/kernel/mac80211/files/lib/netifd/wireless/mac80211.sh
--- package/kernel/mac80211/files/lib/netifd/wireless/mac80211.sh	(revision 45369)
+++ package/kernel/mac80211/files/lib/netifd/wireless/mac80211.sh	(working copy)
@@ -318,6 +318,7 @@
 	json_get_vars wds dtim_period max_listen_int start_disabled
 	set_default wds 0
+	set_default start_disabled 0
 	[ "$wds" -gt 0 ] && append hostapd_cfg "wds_sta=1" "$N"
 	[ "$staidx" -gt 0 -o "$start_disabled" -eq 1 ] && append hostapd_cfg "start_disabled=1" "$N"
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