[OpenWrt-Devel] Request to submit patch for new route board.

Stijn Tintel stijn at linux-ipv6.be
Tue Apr 7 18:32:29 EDT 2015

On 04-04-15 14:45, shengkai wrote:
> hi Maintainer and All,
> We are an open source hardware team come from china, and we developed
> an open source route board using MT7620A soc. In order to support this
> new board officially, we plan to sumbit the special code for our
> prodcut to openwrt branch.
> This is the first time to summbit code, maybe there is some error
> although read the wiki carefully, appreciat your commants. Thanks in
> advance.
Please (re-)read https://dev.openwrt.org/wiki/SubmittingPatches,
especially 6 and 10.

Kind regards,
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