[OpenWrt-Devel] mbim / Sierra Wireless AirCard 340U

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Tue Apr 7 06:31:20 EDT 2015

David Hutchison <dhutchison at bluemesh.net> writes:

> Hello John,
> One of our customers use the 340U, and the latest firmware revision
> that fixes Windows 8 support.. broke linux support (
> http://mtekk.us/archives/guides/netgear-aircard-340u-linux/ ) We had
> to downgrade the firmware on the 340u itself.

Is this broken on linux with libmbim+ModemManager, or only with umbim?
Or is it just that the new version forces MBIM mode, while the older
allows QMI?  Or is the problem related to the QMI issues discussed here:

I don't know if that thread ever concluded with something that worked....

In any case:  Please provide more details.  Are you using QMI or MBIM?
Which firmware revisions are working? not working?  Are there any
visible differences in USB descriptors or other device configuration
data that could explain the problems.  How does it break?  Errors? Plain
dead?  Connecting OK, but not forwarding traffic?  Other???

I'd prefer that we make Linux work with *any* firmware available to the
general public instead of requiring specific firmware revisions.  If at
all possible.  And if it works with Windows8, then it should be possible
to make it work with Linux as well :-)

I don't have any Aircard 340U, but I recently got an EM7305 which should
be pretty similar (same Qualcomm chipset and Sierra firmware codebase).
So I might be able to reproduce the problem if I know what to look for.
Especially the firmware revisions involved...

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