[OpenWrt-Devel] Translating LuCI? (https://luci.subsignal.org/pootle/ down)

Janne Cederberg janne.cederberg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 04:28:06 EDT 2015

TL;DR: Anyone able to write a short description on LuCI translation
process and tools needed?

I'm hoping to create a Finnish translation for the LuCI interface.
However I can't find the instructions for the translation process as
https://luci.subsignal.org/pootle/ has been down (502 Bad Gateway on
Nginx) for several days.

1) Anyone involved with the https://luci.subsignal.org/pootle/ site to
be able to aid in getting back up-n-running?

2) As an alternative to #1, is someone on the list able to describe
the translation process?

I'm suspected the translations to be use GNU Gettext based on the
translation file extension .lmo (which I guessed to means "LuCI mo")
but when I renamed one of them to .mo and tried msgunfmt filename.mo
it got the response that the "file is not in GNU .mo format". I then
took a look at the file in a hex editor and noticed it seems to
contain HTML with nullbyte delimiters or something in that fashion.

Anyone able help?

Thank you in advance,

Janne Cederberg
Helsinki, Finland
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