[OpenWrt-Devel] On support status of OpenWrt for Qihoo C301

Weijie Gao hackpascal at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 11:54:43 EDT 2014


The gap is not used in official firmware, so it is okay not to keep the gap.

The seama header of factory firmware contains the whole firmware. So after openwrt created the rootfs_data partition, the MD5 digest is corrupted. Instead, the seama header of sysupgrade firmware only contains the kernel, the MD5 digest will not be corrupted.

The three ethernet LEDs are directly configured in mach-qihoo-c301.c, so it is not necessary to defined as GPIO LEDs.

BTW, there are two status LEDs in the front, one is green and another one is red.

Weijie Gao.

于 2014年09月23日 17:00, Yousong Zhou 写道:
> Sorry, just noticed the missing of subject line.
> On 23 September 2014 16:53, Yousong Zhou <yszhou4tech at gmail.com> wrote:
>> hi, Weijie
>> I got 2 doubts on the support status of OpenWrt on Qihoo C301.  Maybe
>> you can help clear them out.  Thanks in advance :)
>> I noticed from the TTL output of original firmware that the "firmware"
>> partition starts from 0x90f00000 to 0x90f70000, followed by a gap of
>> 256KB, then comes the "warm start" partition.  But in your patch, the
>> "firmware" includes the gap.  Are you sure about this?  Hmm, that is
>> the only difference I could find between factory images by Qihoo and
>> OpenWrt.
>> The observation is that U-Boot can successfully flash both factory and
>> sysupgrade seama images.  But only sysupgrade image can boot reliably.
>> factory image can only boot one time, after that the OEM U-Boot would
>> complain that checksum is bad and switch to backup firmware.
>>         Verifying Checksum ...
>>         csum:
>>         ȩ_�(�'�g]
>>         afterMD5_we_get_digest:
>>         ն�Zpk&�i����"
>>         Bad Header Checksum.
>>         Retry another region....
>> The other doubt is about LED definition.  I can see that only two were
>> defined in your patch.  Am I right that there should be 4 of them and
>> GPIO numbers of the other 2 are currently unknown?
>> Thank you for the good work.  :)
>> Regards.
>>                yousong
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