[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] base-files: procd initscripts restartonreload

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Mon Sep 15 04:42:46 EDT 2014

On 15/09/2014 10:36, Tristan Plumb wrote:
>>>> which specific package is causing issue ?
>>> In my setup, I've noticed this with dnsmasq and babeld. That is,
>>> that I needed to restart and instead of reload to get things to
>>> take effect. Everything else I run is configured by command line
>>> arguments.
>> what do you want to do ? track a file and if changed trigger a reload ?
> Nope, I want /etc/init.d/foo reload to work as expected.

vagueness == no fix

if you wont this fixed you need to be more elaborate than "as expected"

try to put the bug into 2 sentences, 1 sentence is even better

> I've written package-specific handlers for now, along the lines of my
> ten-second version earlier and I'll be submitting those at some point
> this week. I'd love to see a more general solution, even if it takes some
> modicum of effort per daemon to implement. Especially for daemons that
> are mildly costly to restart, and can't just reread their config files.
> Tristan (who has now learned to submit discussion first, not patches.)
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