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Hi all,

Posting on Devel list as it seems more like a devel query now.


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This is my first message to the list.

Is there a way that I could compile old GRUB on SVN r42320 or install
GRUB2 somehow on the target disk after copying the rootfs?

The hardware is PCEngines APU with SSD.

I am compiling it for x86_64 and there is no way that I can use
grub-install command by chrooting into the new rootfs flashed on the
target drive, as the GRUB2 utils are not available in the rootfs.

The ext4 filesystem image generated by 'make' doesn't survive changes on a reboot. Which forces me to first copy rootfs to the target disk and then install the boot loader on it.

The good old GRUB used to be so easy for x86.

Any pointers would be of a great help.

Thanks in advance.

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