[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] [scripts] Fix typo, replace quotes in comments

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Sep 4 05:00:45 EDT 2014

On Thu, 4 Sep 2014, Bastian Bittorf wrote:

> * Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> [04.09.2014 10:54]:
> > -# Example: `scripts/update-package-md5sum feeds/packages/python`
> > +# Example: $ scripts/update-package-md5sum feeds/packages/python
> if you use '$' instead of '`', you must use e.g. $(...) so
> `shell_command` or
> $(shell_command)

  the "$" i used above is meant to represent just the command-line
prompt, it's not being used for a variable or command line
substitution. i took out the backquotes specifically *because* i
didn't think just showing a command example needed to incorporate
command substitution. perhaps i should have just left the "$" out



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