[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH][RFC]mac80211: rt2x00 correctly set ht20/ht40 filter

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Mon Sep 1 06:03:56 EDT 2014

On 01/09/2014 01:22, Daniel Golle wrote:
> Hi Serge!
> Please do not send HTML emails. Your submissions are not useful for
> anyone if the mail body is HTML formatted and your mail application
> corrupted the white-space formatting. That's sad because your work
> will not be appreciated due to formalities which are easy to
> fulfil. Please read https://dev.openwrt.org/wiki/SubmittingPatches 
> and have a look at the archive to get an impression why this is
> needed: 
> https://lists.openwrt.org/pipermail/openwrt-devel/2014-August/027718.html
also note that your patch was dropped by patchwork.openwrt.org for the
> same reasons and thus cannot be easily applied and merged. I
> suggest you should consider using git send-email to avoid these 
> difficulties in future.
> It required quite some manual work to even read your patch. First
> of all, your patch applies to rt2x00, so please send it to the 
> rt2x00 users mailing list. 
> http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/mailman/listinfo/users_rt2x00.serialmonkey.com
>  To add it to patches applied to mac80211 in OpenWrt, you'd have to
> create a patch adding a patch-file to
> package/kernel/mac80211/patches/ Please read 
> http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/devel/patches
> Anyway, I'm still glad you figured out why rt2x00 performs bad in
> HT40 mode on these chips.
> Thank you for that!
> I manually applied your patch and am about to test it on DIR-615-H1
> ;)
> Cheers
> Daniel


valid critique, i am manually merging it into BB and CC now. please do
not use html emails next time

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