[OpenWrt-Devel] /sys/class/ieee80211 is empty on the allwinner bananna pu

Derek Werthmuller thewerthfam at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 19:50:56 EDT 2014

Working trying to understand why one USB wifi card wiil work while another
will not.  Both wifi drivers are present.
lsmod shows the drivers loaded but no device is created and the entry in
/sys/class/ieee80211 is empty.

Don't see an entry on /sys/devices either.
CHAOS CALMER (Bleeding Edge, r43010)
root at OpenWrt:~# lsmod |grep rtl
cfg80211              222019  2 rtlwifi
compat                  1370  4 rtl8192cu
mac80211              366364  3 rtl8192cu
rtl8192c_common        32945  1 rtl8192cu
rtl8192cu              58333  0
rtl_usb                 8131  1 rtl8192cu
rtlwifi                47470  3 rtl8192cu
root at OpenWrt:~# wifi

Any direction would be appreciated.
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