[OpenWrt-Devel] Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite questions

Flávio Silveira fggs at terra.com.br
Mon Oct 20 09:20:52 EDT 2014

On 20/10/2014 09:24, Roman Yeryomin wrote:
> On 20 October 2014 01:29, Flávio Silveira <fggs at terra.com.br> wrote:
>> Good evening,
>>    I've been told that this router is great only when using EdgeOS, because
>> of proprietary drivers and optimizations.
>>    Is there anyone working on this router that can confirm this information?
>> Is there any benchmarks I could do and compare between OpenWRT and EdgeOS?
> Yes, that's because of fastpath (aka hardware NAT).
> Not so long ago I compared the performance. When fastpath is enabled
> (e.g. EdgeOS) you get almost wire speed NAT (~900Mbps, TCP). Without
> that I got ~270Mbps.
> But the question is, do you really need wire speed NAT? If you do need
> then you are probably not a SOHO user.
> Anyway... I'm not aware of any open source implementations of fastpath
> driver for octeon family. Maybe it's worth to start bugging cavium
> itself or device manufacturers so they release at least reference
> driver for fastpath :)
> Regards,
> Roman
I agree, they should release something in order to others have the 
chance to implement it

It's not that I need that kind of throughput, but it's complicated to 
not use the device at its full capability.

Thanks for the info Roman!

Best regards,
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