[OpenWrt-Devel] lantiq vr9 and fxs

Eddi De Pieri eddi at depieri.net
Thu Oct 16 06:27:38 EDT 2014

Hi to all,

by manually setting correcly gpio like on original board with devmem:

root at OpenWrt:/# /etc/init.d/tapidemo start eth1

ITM version

Compiled for EASY80910 with FXO (Slic121).

Filesystem firmware binary used (/lib/firmware/voice_ar9_firmware.bin).

VMMC [version 0x 0, type 0x 7, channels 2] ready!
FW Version 2.1
VMMC Driver version
Using board EASY80910 with:
- CID support: ETSI FSK, Europe (standard 1).
- VAD support: IFX_TAPI_ENC_VAD_NOVAD - no voice activity detection.
               LEC using fixed window. No Echo Suppressor.
- Debug level: HIGH.
- Transparent fax/modem and T.38 transmission support.
Dialing sequences for different call types:
 a) Local connection: <c>
 b) Extern connection: <0iiic>
 c) PCM connection: <09iiic>
 d) FXO connection: <05d>
 e) FEATURE selection first digit must be 'STAR (*),
    afterthat feature number (4 digits).
 f) CONFERENCING first digit must be 'HASH (#)',
    afterthat normal dialing sequence,
 g) Extern connection with full ip:
    <0*xxx*xxx*xxx*xxx*dcc> - each part separated with STAR (*),

<c> - channel number started from 1 (1 means channel 0).
<iii> - lowest part of external board IP address (a.b.c.<iii>)
<d> - FXO channel, started from 1 (1 means channel 0).
<xxx*xxx*xxx*xxx> - external board IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

FXS channels calling table:
| Dial |          Board          | Phone channel |
|    1 |           EASY80910     |        0      |
|    2 |           EASY80910     |        1      |

Stay tuned...

(for the moment watchdog disabled, like has ben done on falcon patches)


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