[OpenWrt-Devel] lantiq vr9 and fxs

Eddi De Pieri eddi at depieri.net
Wed Oct 15 05:42:48 EDT 2014

Hi Mikko,

I've pushed my changes on https://github.com/openwrt-vgv7519/openwrt
(branch vgv7519-20141007-begin_vmmc)

If you want to try it on different router remember to adjust profiles
and dts like VGV7519.

bootargs = "console=ttyLTQ0,115200 init=/etc/preinit maxvpes=1
maxtcs=1 phym=64M mem=62M panic=1 vpe1_load_addr=0x83e00000
vpe1_mem=2M vpe1_wired_tlb_entries=1";

-phym to (memory on your board)M,
-mem to (phym -2)M,
-vpe1_load_addr to 0x(1<<31+phym<<20)

(note that I haven't configured yet some gpio to get voice working
correctly... but I doubt this is the real problem..

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