[OpenWrt-Devel] Q: update kernel from 3.10.49 to 3.10.57 (Bastian Bittorf)

Alive alive4ever at live.com
Fri Oct 10 11:42:17 EDT 2014

> i would like to update the kernel, but just changing
> the entry in 'target/linux/ar71xx/Makefile' to
> LINUX_VERSION:=3.10.57
> will not work, because some patches cannot be applied
> anymore. (it works without probs till 3.10.55).
> the question is: can somebody give me a hint about the
> workflow of how to rebase the patches?
> (is the reason for not updating the kernel anymore,
> that we soon switch to 3.14 or just lack of time?)
> bye, bastian

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