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Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu Oct 9 13:57:51 EDT 2014

Hi Richard,

On Oct 9, 2014, at 18:42 , Richard Smith <smithbone at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10/06/2014 03:41 PM, Sebastian Moeller wrote:
>>> I have spare routers that I can run OpenWRT or CeroWRt on and I'm
>>> setup to test with netperf, netperf-wrapper on my local network (
>>> desktop -> router -> laptop )  it's Gbit so I can easily saturate
>>> the router.
>> That sounds great. I think the first test should be to run SQM under
>> cerowrt, so you get a feel of how things should look. I typically run
>> netperf-wrapper rrul tests (for ipv4 and if available for ipv6)
>> through cerowrt with different settings for SQM. A second step then
>> is to instal SQM-scripts under openwrt and check whether the same
>> settings produce the same results ;)
> Ok.  I'll get my spare WNDR3700v2 up running the latest cerowrt.  Should be in the next few days.  I'm a bit strapped for time right now.

	No hurry, I really appreciate your help and there is no time pressure (rather the other way around, I do this for a hobby, and real life leaves almost no time for  that ;) )

>> So just let me know what you are willing/ready to test and we will
>> take it from there okay? (I would already be a happy camper if you
>> could just install the current SQM-scripts on openwrt and just send
>> me the output of “logread” after installing and activating SQM, as
>> well as the output from “tc -d qdisc” before and after enabling SQM,
>> and finally the output of running “/etc/init.d/sqm stop ;
>> /etc/init.d/sqm start” on the router’s console; that hopefully works
>> or at least gives some indication what might be off. If you could
>> throw in a quick netperf-wrapper RRUL test through the router I will
>> be most delighted ;))
> Ok. That sounds like a good starter step.  First question: Where are the current SQM scripts located and what's the process for installing them?  Are they packages or stuff that I scp over and manually install?

	So the repository lives on:
 I just followed Dave’s advice and used:
git clone git at github.com:dtaht/ceropackages-3.3.git
to get my own version to play around with. Oh, SQM basically is the work of Dave (who wrote the scripts doing the actual AQM&QOS work) and Toke you packaged all this nicely and created the GUI for it (all I ever did was shuffling the GUI around a bit). I just started hacking around the files from sqm-scripts and luck-app-sqm on my cerowrt (so I could immediately do some testing), so I never got around building actual packages (I assume you need to be setup to build whole openwrt/cerowrt images and that is outside the scope of my recreational coding), But that said if you copy the files from ceropackages-3.10/net/sqm-scripts/files to the matching directory on your router you should have a working sqm-script. Or just use a cerowrt built as SQM is standard and potentially hnyman’s build ( https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=28392 ) that also includes SQM. 

Best Regards

> I'll let you know when I've taken a stab at getting that working.
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> > Former One Laptop per Child
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