[OpenWrt-Devel] x86_64 option is now missing - help!

Dirk Neukirchen dirkneukirchen at web.de
Thu Oct 9 11:51:10 EDT 2014

On 09.10.2014 15:00, William Haynes wrote:
> I've been developing a x86_64 bit system during the release candidates.
> Now that the final is released, x86_64 is not an option anymore.  Is there
> a possibility of getting this added back or is it something I can do?  I'm
> developing for a baytrail (Intel) multicore processor and would like it to
> run in 64 bit.

x86_64 is still available in trunk

Maybe it was not considered stable enough to be included in BB final?
Some commits are only build tested and maybe there is not that much feedback
on Hyper-V / ESXi / KVM / Virtualbox / qemu setups / real hw (apu1c , minnowboard ?).
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