[OpenWrt-Devel] Default dhcp (client) hostname is unset - Luci implies $(hostname)

Justin Vallon justinvallon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 19:02:36 EDT 2014

[BB 14.07]

In the Luci section for "Interface / General Setup", the is a parameter
"Hostname to send when requesting DHCP".  That input field has a "ghost"
value of $HOSTNAME (meaning to me that its default value is $HOSTNAME).

However, entering the $HOSTNAME in the field changes the behavior.  I
can see udhcpc being called with "-H $host" if I give a value, and no -H
if left blank.  It appears from command-line options that -H (or newer
-x hostname:$HOST) causes the DHCP Hostname option to be sent, but it is
not sent otherwise.

So either:

1) The dhcp hostname option should be blank to indicate no default value
(maintain current behavior)
2) When udhcpc is invoked, it should pass "-H $(hostname)" in case of
default (make backend behave as Luci implies)

IMO: I find it nice that many hosts pass their hostname automatically,
so that the DHCP active lease list is useful, versus a lot of "?"
entries and ethernet addresses.  So, I would vote for 2.

Opinions?  Where would this bug get posted?  (wiki.openwrt.org is down,
so I cannot check the wiki)

JustinVallon at gmail.com

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