[OpenWrt-Devel] BB SDKs are too lean (no libffi, etc.)

Paul Sokolovsky pmiscml at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 17:43:08 EDT 2014


Some time ago there was a complaint that in BB RC, toolchain size was
bloated (which should be resolved in release, AFACT). I'd like to
complain about the opposite situation - BB release SDK tarballs appear
to be too small and lack many libraries. My current gripe is lack of
libffi, but comparing size of AA SDK (600+Mb) with BB SDK (~80Mb), one
may imagine a lot of stuff is lacking.

I don't know if that can be attributed to feed refactoring which
happened in BB, or something else, but it would be nice if this got a
bit of attention and was resolved, if over time.


Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:pmiscml at gmail.com
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