[OpenWrt-Devel] ar8216: question regarding ar8xxx_phy_config_aneg

Heiner Kallweit hkallweit1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 05:06:20 EST 2014

In my tests with AR8327 this callback was never called with an addr != 0.
Seems logical to me as it's called for the PHY attached to the net device

In most cases this is addr 0, just for AR8316 with port4_phy being set this
could be 4.

This leads to two questions:

1. The current version of this function checks for "addr == 0" always, I'd
assume this is not correct for AR8316 and port4_phy being set.

2. As it seems to be called for the attached PHY addr only and in exactly
this case we do nothing: Can we simply replace this callback with a dummy
"return 0" ?

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