[OpenWrt-Devel] sierra-directip howto in OpenWRT

Adam Kuklycz adamk at mcservices.com.au
Thu Nov 27 03:05:28 EST 2014

Hi all

I asked in the forums but nobody has replied so asking on here as well.

I'm running a Sierra 320U which supports 3G & LTE/4G.

Have compiled in the directip options as well as QMI etc so I now see 
the wwan0 interface and there are some generic directip scripts in /etc/gcom

What is the known process to get the Sierra USB modems connected via 
directip & wwan0 instead of via the serial link/pppd option?

Note that I have providers that both use CHAP/PAP auth and have a 
username/password as well as others who do not require this, so would 
like to configure scripts up accordingly or have a second script 
modified to suit both options.  I'm aware there is no LuCI support (yet) 
for this configuration.

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