[OpenWrt-Devel] musl libc and timezone

Gianluca Anzolin gianluca at sottospazio.it
Tue Nov 18 04:54:45 EST 2014


I'm experimenting with the musl libc build, and I'm quite satisfied.

One thing that still bothers me is that the timezone is not working.

Currently the boot scripts in OpenWRT parse /etc/config/system and save the
timezone in /tmp/TZ.

The code in uClibc looks for a TZ variable in the environment and if it doesn't
find it, it tries to read /etc/TZ, a symlink that points to /tmp/TZ and
everything works.

Musl libc however doesn't work this way: it doesn't try to load /etc/TZ.
It looks for a TZ env variable and if it doesn't find it, it resorts to
canonical zoneinfo files. The timezone in /tmp/TZ is ignored.

I cooked up a patch to make musl libc read the /etc/TZ file, however I don't
think this is an efficient solution since it resorts to read data from the
filesystem. A simpler getenv("TZ") wouldn't need to access the fs at all.

So in my opinion the "better" fix would be to populate the TZ environment

With the current setup I simply added the following line to /etc/profile:

[ -f /tmp/TZ ] && export TZ=$(cat /tmp/TZ)

and now date returns the correct time and timezone.

I however suspect that this fix doesn't work with processes started by procd,
actually I haven't had the time to check.

If that is the case, would there be a way to populate the TZ env variable also
for those processes?

Thank you,

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