[OpenWrt-Devel] Frequent adsl disconnections with BTHOMEHUBV2B (lantiq xway danube)

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Nov 17 12:39:20 EST 2014

Richard Mortimer <richm+openwrt at oldelvet.org.uk> wrote:
    > I think I saw something similar when I was using an ADSL connection.

    > When the connection was under full load (I don't remember whether it
    > was upstream, downstream or both) the LCP echo requests that PPPD does
    > seem to get dropped somewhere in the ADSL infrastructure. The link is
    > however working fine passing "real" traffic.

Sounds like the something a proper BQL limit on the etherne/ATM part of the
PPPoE coud fix.  For PPPoE, traffic shapping should occur on the PPP
interface and should probably run at no more than 99% of the real link
capacity (if you can determine it...sigh), the LCP messages should bypass
that part. 
DSL with the modem built-in ought to auto-adjust the bandwdth viaBQL

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