[OpenWrt-Devel] kernel oops with ath9k + shared irqs

Tijs Van Buggenhout tvb at able.be
Thu Nov 13 04:07:24 EST 2014

On Wednesday 12 November 2014 16:39:38 André Gaul wrote:
> Hey openwrt devs!
> I'm observing 100% reproducible kernel oopses with a recent openwrt
> (tested with trunk and barrier breaker) on a Mikrotik Routerboard RB435
> which is equipped with 5 minipci cards. The board boots up fine if all
> wifi devices are disabled in /etc/config/wireless and yields the
> following interrupt mapping for the wifi devices:
> root at OpenWrt:~# dmesg | grep AR9280
> [19.340000] ieee80211 phy0: Atheros AR9280 Rev:2 mem=0xb0000000, irq=40
> [20.960000] ieee80211 phy1: Atheros AR9280 Rev:2 mem=0xb0010000, irq=41
> [22.660000] ieee80211 phy2: Atheros AR9280 Rev:2 mem=0xb0020000, irq=42
> [24.370000] ieee80211 phy3: Atheros AR9280 Rev:2 mem=0xb0030000, irq=41
> [25.990000] ieee80211 phy4: Atheros AR9280 Rev:2 mem=0xb0040000, irq=42
> (full dmesg can be found in [1])
> If the devices are enabled in /etc/config/wireless such that no
> interrupt is shared (e.g., enabled phy{0,1,2}, phy{0,1,4}, phy{0,2,3},
> ...) the board continues to operate normally; otherwise (e.g., enabled
> phy{1,3}, phy{0,1,2,3}, phy{0,1,2,3,4}, ...) it crashes with a data bus
> error, cf. [2] for a full log.
> Any ideas?
> cheers,
> André
> [1] http://paste.debian.net/131446/
> [2] http://paste.debian.net/131449/

It would be more meaningful if the memory addresses of (at least the top of) 
the stack trace were mapped onto their symbolic names, using the System.map of 
your kernel. You can do this manually or by using ksymoops or recompile your 
kernel with CONFIG_KALLSYMS turned on.

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