[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] image: default block size for squashfs

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 10:54:23 EST 2014

On 9 November 2014 10:16, Alexey N. Vinogradov <a.n.vinogradov at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Where is squashfs ever necessary for initramfs?
> bcm53xx/image. The ubinize is invoked for any fs (initramfs, squashfs).
> And, in turn, in ubinize.conf the root.squashfs is reffered.
> So, if just ask to build initramfs (without any squash, etc.) it will
> invoke squashing, which would fail without default parameter.

Couldn't you make it clear from the beginning?

Fix the bcm53xx instead of finding hacky workarounds.

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