[OpenWrt-Devel] Hooks on wifi up/down for starting/stopping dependent functionality?

Johan Almbladh ja at anyfi.net
Wed Nov 12 04:32:27 EST 2014


I'm trying to start/stop our Wi-Fi sharing daemons [1] in tandem with wifi
up/down. On AA we used to patch /sbin/wifi, but on BB it seems this logic
has moved into netifd and that it may be possible to do it patchless,
perhaps by monitoring ubus for some event?

I tried just doing "ubus listen" in one shell and then running "wifi" from
another, but that doesn't give much to go on:

  { "ubus.object.remove": {"id":-1034588819,"path":"hostapd.wlan0"} }
  { "ubus.object.add": {"id":-522709706,"path":"hostapd.wlan0"} }

Is it possible to register with netifd or something to get more events?

1. Anyfi.net architecture <http://anyfi.net/documentation#architecture>

Many thanks,

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