[OpenWrt-Devel] Configuring ethernet auto-negotiation off, setting speeds explicitly

Shankar Unni shankarunni at netscape.net
Tue Nov 11 21:09:30 EST 2014

Our box has to deal with a few broken external switches that don't auto-negotiate properly. (Our box is based on an Intel Rangeley Atom, with the IGB driver for eth0/1, and we're running BB, more or less - tip of the barrier_breaker branch).

Is there any way to disable auto-negotiation on an ethernet interface and manually set the speed and duplex parameters for it via netifd? (some equivalent of "option autonegotiate 0", etc.?) I couldn't find anything in netifd that would allow us to specify this directly.  Failing this, are there any clever tricks that can allow us to do this?

I'm guessing this will come down to writing some hotplug scripts to read extra configs from /etc/config/network and invoke ethtool manually..

Thanks in advance!
Shankar Unni.
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