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Eric Schultz eschultz at prplfoundation.org
Fri Nov 7 12:27:56 EST 2014

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I've spent the last few days looking at how folks could use the new SPDX
license information we've added to packages. I was hoping I could share
this and get some feedback on it.

There are three places where I can see a developer or user making a
decision based upon SPDX license info. The first place is deciding what
packages should be available to build using "./scripts/feeds install." In
this scenario, the developer might want to make sure that they only have
packages available to build under their preferred set of licenses.

The second place would be having the ability to filter packages in
menuconfig or defconfig based upon their license information. In this
scenario, a user might want to make sure they only actually build packages
under their preferred licenses. These first two places are mainly of use to
those building their own image and version of packages.

The third place would be having the ability to search for packages under
opkg based upon license information. This would be more of use to end-users
but potentially could be used by vendors too.

The difficulty and maintainability of each of these options differs.
Modifying opkg and script/feeds both seem easier and, since they are
maintained already by OpenWrt, would probably be easier to maintain long
term. On the other hand, moving menuconfig further from kernel might make
long term maintenance more difficult.

These are my thoughts on SPDX license integration so far. I guess the
questions I hope we could all answer are:

1. Is this how other people view SPDX license usage (and if not, how do you
see it being used?)? and
2. What scenarios are most important to support?


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