[OpenWrt-Devel] protobuf broken in BB

obconseil obconseil at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 04:23:55 EST 2014

Le 05/11/2014 22:43, Guillaume Déflache a écrit :

> Fine, but that's not the problem as I said before (see the very 1st
> quoted text in this message): *installing protoc at the right location*
> (that is .../build_dir/host/bin/protoc IIRC) is the problem.

> I checked that with our pre-BB snapshot it was installed where expected
> and that with the BB release it is not. You can try executing `make
> install` from the host build directory to convince yourself that that
> does what is required from the OpenWrt Makefile but currently missing in
> BB's. That's what I did and then the problem was gone.
> So you have to try using protoc to generate some source code files in
> order to really stumble on the problem. Apart from that everything works
> fine indeed.

Oh. I admit I overlooked this in your previous message. Thanks.

What about the attached patch ?

By the way, maybe somebody else could enlighten me on this but in BB, it 
seems that the
"host" tools directory is .../staging_dir/host/bin rather than 
.../build_dir/host/bin .

I have no .../build_dir/host/bin directory on my build tree.

The patch do install protoc in .../staging_dir/host/bin , along with all 
other programs like bison,...

>>> Since the snapshot we used previously PKG_USE_MIPS16:=0 also got added,
>>> does that mean we should also use that on all packages that compile
>>> Protocol Buffer generated code and/or link with the PB library?

After a second though I think this line was to avoid an assembler error
on some plateform.
I still need to test the current compiler/assembler on a MIPS16 platform,
but for now you can safely leave this line out for your platform.

> I currently develop for the ZyXEL NBG6716
> (<http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/zyxel/zyxel_nbg6716>) which is MIPS32
> (MIPS74Kc). Would that happen to be backward compatible with yours?

Yes , I'm nearly sure about that.

> I would have no objections to 2.6.1 if it also works for us too (I can
> test that at the same time).

Yes, please test & report : I would much better push upstream a patch 
with the newest version of protobuf.

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