[OpenWrt-Devel] Lantiq/VR9 - Draytek Vigor 2760 support

Johan Dahlberg johan at dnix.se
Mon Nov 3 18:34:53 EST 2014

Hello list,

The last couple of days I've been gathering information on the Draytek
Vigor 2760 (VR9/VRX288/NAND) which I recently got my hands on. From what
I can tell it should be possible to support this device in OpenWRT, even if
DSL support is still not fully functional(?)

I have created a wiki entry at:

I'm currently stuck on learning the OpenWRT buildroot better, mainly
trying to understand how to build an image that will have the correct
uImage name, which I believe is "Vigor Fullimage" in this case. And
further how to make sure it gets written to the correct address
space/mtd during flash. If you're still reading I guess it's obvious
by now that I'm not really a developer but merely a hobbyist hoping
to one day be able to run OpenWRT on my modem too. :-)

The flash layout and all specifications, logs and GPL sources and more are 
listed in the wiki entry, in case you're interested.

Appreciate any help provided.

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