[OpenWrt-Devel] Intel 3160 AC wireless card not recognized

William Haynes william at sabaitechnology.com
Mon Nov 3 11:09:52 EST 2014

I'm on an x86 64bit build of openwrt.  It was built with iwlwifi support
and mac80211.  Looking under /lib/firmware there is
the iwlwifi-3160-9.ucode file, along with the other intel drivers.  The
device shows up under lspci as 07:00.0 Class 0280: 8086:08b3 which is shown
on pcidatabase.com as 0x08B3Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 31600x8086  Intel
Corporation <http://www.pcidatabase.com/vendor_details.php?id=1302>.  So
hardware sees it but driver is not being properly loaded.

I would appreciate any suggestions of how to proceed to resolve.  Thanks!


William Haynes
Sabai Technology
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