[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] comgt: add ncm proto support

Jamie Lenehan lenehan at twibble.org
Sun Nov 2 02:34:07 EST 2014

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 12:58:40PM +0200, Matti Laakso wrote:
> Hi Sami,
> >Using John's version:
> >
> >config interface 'wan'
> >         option proto 'wwan'
> >         option apn 'opengate'
> >#       option device '/dev/cdc-wdm0' (with or without commenting this)
> >
> >Does absolutely nothing, nothing in logread...
> >
> >However now when using
> >
> >config interface 'wan'
> >         option proto 'ncm'
> >         option apn 'opengate'
> >         option device '/dev/ttyUSB1'
> I believe that device should be /dev/cdc-wdm0 also here, at least
> when using huawei_cdc_ncm. The /dev/ttyUSBx terminals created by the
> option driver do not necessarily support all necessary AT-commands.
> Also, (at least when using proto ncm) you need to specify in
> addition
> option ifname wwan0

That wasn't enough to get it to find the device for me for some
reason. The following change to proto_ncm_setup does make it work:

 	echo "ncm[$$]" "Connected, starting DHCP"
-	proto_init_update "*" 1
+	proto_init_update "wwan0" 1
 	proto_send_update "$interface"

For bringing the interface down the control device can't be found.
The following change in proto_ncm_teardown makes that work:

 	json_get_vars device
+	device="/dev/ttyUSB0"
 	echo "ncm[$$]" "Stopping network"

With the above two changes in place this all works fine. I don't know
enough about how this is all meant to work to know why this is needed
or why those configuration values are not making it to where they
need to be.

This is the configuration:

config interface optus
	option proto 'ncm'
	option ifname 'wwan0'
	option device '/dev/ttyUSB0'
	option apn 'connect'
	option ip4table 'optus'

The ip4table part didn't work either. I added this to proto_ncm_setup
when setting up the dhcp sub-interface parameters to make it work:

+	json_add_string ip4table optus

 Jamie Lenehan <lenehan at twibble.org>
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