[OpenWrt-Devel] Call for testing: bridge multicast snooping

Felix Fietkau nbd at openwrt.org
Mon Jun 30 05:34:09 EDT 2014

Hey everybody,

as some of you may have noticed, I recently implemented automatic
multicast->unicast conversion for IGMP snooping in the bridging layer,
which is activated by default for all wireless interfaces.
This makes multicast based video streaming behave properly on wireless.

A long time ago, IGMP snooping was disabled by default because it was
causing some issues with certain kinds of multicast traffic (e.g. DLNA).
I've re-enabled kernel compile-time support for it in trunk, but it is
still disabled at runtime by default.

If you are using multicast and want to help, please enable it, e.g. by
setting 'option igmp_snooping 1' in the lan section in
/etc/config/network and report any issues that you find.

I would like to enable it by default for the BB release if no serious
problems show up during tests.


- Felix
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