[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] mt7620 wifi

Roman Yeryomin leroi.lists at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 07:28:30 EDT 2014

On 26 June 2014 02:03, Daniel <daniel at makrotopia.org> wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> On 04/04/2014 04:39 PM, Roman Yeryomin wrote:
>> I worked on other things lately but plan to return to rt2x00 soon and
>> maybe try ralink driver on trunk again.
> I started looking into your patches and started to see things moving as far as
> you got.
> I suggest to define RT6352 and set chip.rt to that instead of checking for
> chip.rf == RF7620 in cases which were meant for RT5390.
> Is there any more recent version of your work on rt2x00 than the
> 630-rt2x00-add-mt7620-20140131.patch included in your first post? If so, please
> share it, I'd like to re-use what ever there is and try to botch things up a bit ;)

I didn't work on this since I got original mediatek driver working on
trunk. I was planning to restart the work but didn't have enough time.
So I have only a bit younger patch with fixed mask but without txwi
changes (see this thread).
Glad someone is trying to make it work!

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