[OpenWrt-Devel] ubus is not starting

Marek ZJ mailing at zalfresso.com
Fri Jun 27 09:03:51 EDT 2014


I've found this thread about ubus:

I'm experiencing the same problem with a Lantiq board based on MIPS 34Kc CPU 
(xRx300 series). 

The only information usable there is that it is some racing conditions in 
procd. I'm quite new in openWRT and started experimenting with customizing 
software for the board. I was able to integrate kernel drivers provided by the 
company with clean openWRT - but it is not booting correctly, showing this 

procd: instance_start(185): Started instance ubus::instance1
procd: instance_exit(214): Instance ubus::instance1 exit with error code 256 
after 0 seconds

I can provide more details on request.

Best Regards,

Marek Zalfresso-Jundziłło
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