[OpenWrt-Devel] [BUG] NAND sysupgrade broke ubifs on Netgear WNDR3700v4/4300.

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Tue Jun 24 14:18:01 EDT 2014

On 24/06/2014 19:05, Paul Blazejowski wrote:
> John,
> Yes i use the reset with pin and from there i tftp the original
> firmware from netgear after that i go to the gui and upload the
> open-wrt image because the router will not accept the wndr3700v4
> image (there's a cosmetic fix for that, i created a patch that
> someone from the forums has sent months ago to this list but it was
> never accepted...) https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/16840
> With that patch tftp'ing the 
> openwrt-ar71xx-nand-wndr3700v4-ubi-factory.img works without need
> to flash the original firmware.
> If there's another method that can be used to flash the image(s)
> please let me know i would want to try any alternative ways of
> flashing and could learn a thing or two in the process as well ;-)
> Thank you, -paul


i just pushed the V vs v fix and another fix that removes the jffs2
magic. i think this might have been the cause of the problems. please
retry with current trunk and let me know if the problem is gone or
still there

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