[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 00/23] add 3.14 kernel support for ar71xx

Zhao, Gang gang.zhao.42 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 12:16:44 EDT 2014

D-Link DIR-615-e1 passed some basic tests(dhcp, wireless, failsafe mode,
etc), no big problem was found. But tp-link wr703n still has a problem.

Actually on tp-link wr703n only eth0 doesn't work correctly, wlan0 works

The problem of eth0 is: if cable has been plugged when booting, eth0
will not do the link change correctly, it says no carrier even the cable
has been plugged. Actually after booting manually plug and unplug the
cable won't trigger link change code like ag71xx_link_adjust() to
execute, so it always says no carrier.

If cable is not plugged when booting, then after booting manually plug
and unplug the cable eth0 works well. It will change the link state

I'm not sure if the problem is because the wr703n has been hacked:
serial port is wired to unused mini-usb lines. It will be helpful if
someone can test these patches on an unmodified wr703n, and on other
ar71xx hardwares.

Calling for testers :-)
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