[OpenWrt-Devel] hame music box / baidu music

黄方成 huangfangcheng at 163.com
Tue Jul 29 08:10:37 EDT 2014

Hi  John:

 the uart near the  2*20 pin. you can find my picture,

The red wire is TX, brown is RX,and black wire is GND.


At 2014-07-29 08:03:19, "John Crispin" <blogic at openwrt.org> wrote:
>i was sent this unit from a hacker in china -->
>it seems that baiduu ships this as a music player.
>i just opened up the case and tried to find the uart.
>i assume that it is located on the 2x20 pin header that connects the
>core module with the carrier board.
>however all the forum posts and so on related to this unit are in
>chinese which i do not understand.
>has anyone looked at this unit already and maybe can tell me the uart
>pinout ?
>	John
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