[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH]ramips: Add Ralink RT3XXX USB OHCI driver

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Thu Jul 24 11:20:20 EDT 2014

>>> Hi Roman,
>>> do you have this board ? could you see if it also fails for you
>>> ? i don't actually have any mt7620n hw with usb exported i
>>> think...
>> I remember using ohci/ehci drivers for mt7620n boards (because
>> otg driver didn't work at all) but not sure if I tried any usb
>> 1.1 devices. Unfortunately I can't test it right now, maybe 2-3
>> days later.
> I can confirm ohci driver is not functional in latest trunk and
> this patch enables it. Tested on Asus RT-N14U. But: - the patch
> doesn't apply cleanly - kernel config should be revised (I see non
> usb changes and no changes for mt7620n) - the patch itself is
> pretty dirty to my eye

Hi Roman,

thanks for testing, i will figure out what the difference is in the
code and try to figure out what is missing in our code

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