[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2 00/18] atheros: I/O cleanups

Sergey Ryazanov ryazanov.s.a at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 10:26:21 EDT 2014

2014-07-15 17:53 GMT+04:00 Jonas Gorski <jogo at openwrt.org>:
> On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 1:57 AM, Sergey Ryazanov <ryazanov.s.a at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Main goals of this series:
>>  * Simplify interface between arch code and SoC drivers
>>  * Simplify internal realization of arch code
>>  * Make code consistent with mainstream kernel rules and practice
>> This series extensively tested with FON2202 (ar2315 based) and D-Link
>> DWL-2100AP (ar2313 based), but tests are not done with AR2317/8 and
>> AR5312, since I have no access to such boards now.
>> Changes since v1:
>>  * Add missed patch 'atheros[ar2315-wdt]: update initialization'
>> Sergey Ryazanov (18):
>>   atheros[ar2315-wdt]: update initialization
>>   atheros[ar2315-wdt]: rename config symbol
>>   atheros: use correct address space and pointer type for register
>>     access
>>   atheros[ar2315-wdt]: update interrupt handling
>>   atheros[ar2315-wdt]: update I/O handling
>>   atheros[ar231x-eth]: update MAC and PHY reset method
>>   atheros[ar231x-eth]: move driver to atheros subdirectory
>>   atheros: pass UART IRQ number via function argument
>>   atheros: move AR2315 misc IRQ dispatching to separate function
>>   atheros: rename some interrupt control handlers
>>   atheros: simplify AR2315 misc IRQ (un)masking
>>   atheros: use irq_set_chained_handler()
>>   atheros: simplify gpiolib realization
>>   atheros[ar231x-eth]: pass phys address of I/O memory via platform res
>>   atheros[ar231x-eth]: pass PHY I/O memory via device resources
>>   atheros[uart]: use 32-bit aligned I/O
>>   atheros[uart]: pass only physical I/O mem address to 8250 driver
>>   atheros: update macroses names
> as a nitpick: for the subject, instead of "atheros[foo]:" it would be
> better to use "atheros: foo:" for the subject; this is the canonical
> version of providing subsystem tags. Git tends to strip everything in
> brackets, so these can easily get lost.
Thank you for this hint. I really never hear about this git "feature".

> Jonas

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