[OpenWrt-Devel] [ANN] MicroPython - well-known scripting language, unbloated

Paul Sokolovsky pmiscml at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 08:20:19 EDT 2014


I wondered if it makes sense to post about MicroPython, but recent post
about Squirrel language prompted me to. So, there's a project to
implement, from scratch, very lean interpreter for Python3 scripting

The project is well under way and currently implements good deal of
Python3 semantics. It can't yet run arbitrary existing Python code, but
the whole idea of MicroPython is to provide efficient subset of Python
to develop apps from scratch (or to port existing code).

Source code:

User-facing site:

My motive for working on MicroPython is dissatisfaction with Lua -
based both on my personal tastes and experience, and analyzing other
projects' experience. For example, LuCI web UI, as used in OpenWRT, is
known to be slow, and known not to be able to reasonably work on system
with less than 32MB of RAM at all. I don't think these are results of
Lua's technical traits - rather, its semantic and "programming
psychology" issues. The way I see it, in many places where Lua is used
currently, it is used only because of the lack of alternatives. So,
people have to use it thru not wanting to use it. Then, they're not
interested to learn details of the language to use it efficiently,
they're not interested in writing efficient programs, not interested in
optimizing code, etc. - they interested just to do something ASAP, and
get their hands off of it.

So, if you consciously or subconsciously dissatisfied with Lua, please
consider giving MicroPython a look and try! ;-)
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